Sep 24, 2012

What does a coach do?

This is our definition of what a coach does.

A coach:

BelievCelebrating successes in you, even when you don’t.

Celebrates your successes – and reminds you to celebrate.

Notices the successes that you take for granted.

Makes you feel great about yourself, even when no-one else does.

Sees through your excuses.

Picks you up off the ground after a stumble and helps you get your confidence back.

Senses what needs to be discussed, even if you try to hide it.

Encourages you to do what seems difficult and challenging. Senses if you are trying to play small.

Builds up great visions with you if you want big and powerful.

Challenges you appropriately for you and the situation.


Supports you in the first simple step forward if you are completely daunted and feel it’s all too much.

Never makes you feel stupid. Here you don’t have to put on the brave face.

Brings a sense of humour and laughs with you.

Is human, understands, shows empathy while at the same time keeping focused on where you want to get to. Is the helping hand out of where you are stuck.

Sees you as a person, not as a resource or an automaton.

Admires you. Welcomes you. Yes you, whoever you are. A coach is here to be your champion. Never treads on your dreams. Treasures them, helps you explore them to put a real version of them into production.

Making things happenIs about real action, now.

Helps you explore the crazy ideas, the big ideas, the small ideas. Helps you find what is possible. Helps you with ideas and connections.

Listens with compassion when the going gets tough and you feel like a failure.

Listens without judgement.

Understands you. Accepts you.

Is there absolutely for you not themselves.

Genuinely roots for your success. Sees you as already happy and successful. Sees you as whole and complete and perfectly OK. Believes in you just as you are.

Helps you get the courage to move forward.

Listens to the story, but sees beyond and outside that.

Asks you questions to make you think.

Is about both understanding and action.

Sees the picture of your success. Helps you see the picture of your success. Guides you to create the vision/strategy, to make sure you believe in it, to make sure it happens.

Isn’t afraid of your success, however great it is, so that you won’t be either.