We love to help ideas grow…

…  to help transform the warp and weft of disparate thoughts into whole cloth.

We love helping people with ideas, words and concepts.  This might be for a new product or business idea, how to change your life, how to get unstuck or out of a dilemma, how to make organisational change.

An Ideas Factory session can take the form of a simple brain-storming, mind mapping type session, working as an individual or group.  Of course sometimes this happens naturally as part of a coaching or goal mapping session.

Or it can be much more – working with specialists in the fields of jazz, singing, voice, poetry, comedy improvisation, movement, we can create the perfect environment and happening for you or your group to release those pent-up creative ideas that have been waiting in the wings to see the light of day.

So if you’re intrigued, do give us a call, and we’ll explore together what we can create!  As you’ve probably gathered, by its very nature, this bit isn’t cast in stone, it’s an idea that evolves and creates itself.  You don’t know until you open the door!

“Creative ideas reside in people’s minds but are trapped by fear of rejection. Create a judgment-free environment and you’ll unleash a torrent of creativity.” Alex Osborn

Intrigued? Then contact us now.

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